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Hi all! Welcome to the wiki for my Archipelago campaign. This world is still in what I would consider a Beta stage. I need to finish fleshing out details and histories. This wiki is going to be centered entirely on what characters in the game world would know around the time and place of this campaign.

The campaign centers on the Republic of Kalinth. The island nation has several main regions, or Grand Prefectures: Kael, Gullcrook, Ravenrock, Kaelmarch, and Noramel. The neighboring nations are The Kingdom of Godim, and The Grand Dukedoms of Gyrfold. The players start in the town of Giant’s Teeth, a town in the territories of Clan Fal.

To the south, the Flying Seal islands wait, and further than that, the Azoon Empire.

A summary of Kalinthian Military.

A quick overview of Kalinthian Government.

Not much for geography and history? Read about Kalinthian Magic. Or Kalinthian Cosmology and Religion.

And, since it’s fantasy, read about the non-Human races, the Gyr and the Zakoji.

And, of course, battyball, the national pastime of Kalinth.

Main Page

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