The Archipelago trial run

Into the mountains of "holy crap that's a lot of guys"

Our heroes trekked deep into the mountains in search of a lost mining camp. On the way, a demonic altar was discovered at a possible ley line nexus and destroyed (with some sort of “missing time” anomaly). Additionally, some sort of large beast observed the party from outside the light of the campfire that night. It was discovered upon arrival in the vicinity of the mining camp that there was a temple of the goddess of healing nearby. Unfortunately, some sort of demon-zombie things had been chained to the exterior of the temple. Easily destroyed while chained, they appeared slow-moving but very resistant to injury except to their brain-stem.

Once the foul beasts had been dispatched, it was discovered that all the wooden furniture from the interior of the temple had been removed. Oddly enough, the scent from the decomposed creatures outside wasn’t present in the temple at all.

Further exploration to the West discovered a cave system with statues of the gods and another shrine to the healing goddess, which began glowing and strangely attracted “Young” Deerborn. A dormitory with room for about 20 and a workshop containing several charged mana capacitors as well as a book on magic and what appeared to be some sort of diving suit or golem was found. Finally, a passage deeper into the mountain led to a massive cistern as well as a room full of a large amount of seated manapacitors and switches, with one unseated.

At roughly this time, one of the scouts was spotted when they went to examine the mining camp. A plan to ambush pursuers inside the cave system was implemented, but almost failed due to a general inability of the group to be stealthy. Luckily massed missile weapon fire and unrestrained violence saved the day before the bandits could exit the cave. Further failure to be stealthy upon exiting the cave resulted in a larger group of bandits and well-armed foreigners attacking the party, but after taking some fairly serious damage the enemy leader surrendered his force with only light injuries to our heroes.

The party decided that they were outnumbered and outgunned and attempted to beat a hasty retreat to report their findings, taking a foreigner and the two bandits, tying the remaining enemies to trees. After tying one foreigner to a tree, a man dressed in priest robes (The Invisi-priest!) shot a second foreigner in the throat with a crossbow and then disappeared into thin air.

The party beat a hasty retreat, attempting to set up an ambush later with no results. Continuing until exhausted, they halted at the ley line nexus despite not having traveled in a direction that should have taken them there. Camping for the night, some sort of image/projection of a man appeared and led Deerborn the elder to a worm-eaten staff buried beneath a stone. The projection disappeared as soon as the staff was retrieved.

Later the mysterious creature appeared outside the fire again. It was roughly the size of a bear, with yellow highly reflective eyes. The party tried to surround it, but it again vanished leaving a very large burrow hole. Additionally, a white flash was spotted on it’s belly, leading to speculation of either an upside-down bear-sized skunk, a giant badger, or something similarly fearsome.

The rest of the journey back to civilization proved uneventful, although after reporting in and turning in the captives The Invisi-priest was spotted in the crowds but lost our heroes when pursued.

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